Awesome Shuttle Options at Holy Cross

Holy Cross offers several different free shuttles for students through its Student Government Association (SGA). I really enjoy taking the shuttles, especially on the weekends. Monday through Friday, there are shuttles to Walmart, the Shoppes at Blackstone Valley, and Union Station in the evening. On Saturday and Sunday, they offer these same destinations, just earlier in the mid-to-late afternoon. It is convenient to have free transportation to Walmart and Target to shop for any necessities.

Another awesome option is the shuttles to Worcester on Friday evenings. They depart to the Shoppes at Blackstone Valley, Shrewsbury Street, Union Station, Worcester Public Market, and Downtown Worcester in front of City Hall. These shuttles provide opportunities for students to explore Worcester and get acquainted with the community. I have had many amazing experiences exploring Kelley Square and Shrewsbury Street in Worcester. At Kelley Square I have visited Worcester Public Market and Polar Park, and on Shrewsbury Street I have tried many delicious restaurants. 

Holy Cross also offers shuttles to Boston on Saturday afternoons and evenings. Similar to the Worcester shuttle options, the shuttles to Boston allow students to broaden their horizons through traveling farther away in the state. The feel of Boston is definitely different from Worcester, so it is beneficial for students to explore both cities.

It is very important that students get off campus and explore because Holy Cross is a small community nestled on a hill that is relatively isolated from the rest of Worcester. When students get off campus more often, they broaden their horizons and are exposed to the public, which grants them more practical knowledge and life skills than just staying on campus all the time. Learning outside of the classroom is as important as learning inside of it. This connects to the Jesuit principle of a holistic education, for which I am grateful.

Photo of Polar Park near Kelley Square

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