My Favorite Places to Study and Relax on Campus

There are many great places to study and relax at Holy Cross — it’s no surprise that we have a beautiful campus! Here are some of my favorite places to hang out at the College.

1. My dorm room

Honestly, I love just relaxing in my dorm room. I cherish my alone time, and this is the perfect place for me to fulfill that need. My room is really cozy, and I love making a cup of tea and just relaxing.

2. Campion House (the Chaplains’ Office) 

I absolutely love hanging out in Campion! It really does feel like a house, which helps with homesickness, and the Chaplains are amazing people. Students can make appointments with a Chaplain to just talk with them or to get spiritual direction, if desired. My favorite thing about Campion, though, would have to be the freshly baked cookies! Each day, student workers make batches of cookies for Holy Cross students to enjoy. On Thursdays, they make vegan cookies, and on Fridays, they offer gluten free ones! This is amazing for me since I cannot eat gluten. I always look forward to swinging by Campion to pick up some cookies every Friday. Other than the cookies, Campion is a really mellow and relaxing place on campus, and it provides the perfect atmosphere to study or just relax.

3. Cool Beans in Hogan

The area by Cool Beans on the first floor of Hogan is another one of my favorites. I enjoy grabbing a cup of coffee and working on my homework. There is a strong sense of community in this spot because students, faculty, and staff gravitate toward it, which brings us all together.

4. Fenwick porch and study area on 2nd floor of Fenwick

These two spots on campus are wonderful for taking pictures of sunsets and just amazing pictures of the Holy Cross campus overall. Especially during fall, the campus is even more beautiful. They are also great spots to study, particularly on the porch, which is really peaceful.

Ultimately, Holy Cross has many spots on campus that foster a sense of community, which creates the perfect atmosphere to study or relax!

Sunset from Fenwick porch
Gluten free cookies in Campion House

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